Isabella Benetti

The Bloody Pants

Mentor: Alison Williams

I am embarking on a project titled “The Bloody Pants,” a feminist manifesto designed to empower individuals who identify as women by providing a platform for sharing personal experiences. The manifesto aims to unite cisgender and transgender women in their shared struggles and inspire collective action. Through interviews with survivors, activists, and individuals affected by gender-based oppression, I will create a manifesto that communicates its message clearly to a broad audience. As a survivor of domestic abuse, this project holds personal significance for me, offering an opportunity to connect with others who have similar experiences and inspire hope for the future. Additionally, “The Bloody Pants” addresses the issue of intimate partner violence (IPV), advocating for comprehensive legislation and support for survivors. This project aligns with my long-term goals of entering politics and practicing civil rights law to fight for equality and justice, particularly for women and marginalized groups.

Read Isabella’s feminist manifesto “The Bloody Pants