Identity Unearthed            

Ileana Zuckerman: “Speaking of Aspasia”

Josephine Yi: “The Song of Small Stories”

Kristen Wu: “Swallow”            

Meiya Sidney: “moonlight”

Community Voices

Sierra van der Brug: “The Legalities of Womanhood”

Isabella Benetti: “The Bloody Pants”

Leo Rubio: “Beyond Words, Beyond Notes: Exploring Jazz through Writing and Writing through Jazz”

Exploring Facets of Our Past       

Scarlett Adams: “Main Character Syndrome”

Tian Ding: “College Survival Guide”

Sophie Girard: “Mosaic”

Olive Howden: “In the Absence of Sound”

Anissa Estrada: “Growing with Glimpses: A Hybrid Graphic Novel Memoir”

Critical Media         

Isabel Montalvo: “How Bad is Bad?”

Makenna Stark: “Wellness: Insecurity’s Profit Machine”

Amitha Bhat: “Art-ificial Intelligence: Analyzing Perceptions of AI-Generated Literature and its Future Implications”

Sophie Najm: “Veziers, Thieves, and Princesses: The History and Impact of Western Screen Adaptations of Arabian Nights”

Jasmine Liang: “Elapse”


Reflection and Resilience

Ash Phormmasa: “A Life Worth Living”

Brea Spencer: “Bittersweet”                 

Kiana Perez-Granadoes: “Sterling Silver River”

Sierra Vakili: “To Get to the Other Side”

Reflections and Resilience Panel

Global Perspectives           

Leila Katibah: “Hyperreality in a Globalized World”

Viviana Bustamante: “Fandom Lore: Finding Identity in Fiction”

Sydney Fry: “Minority Languages and the Survival of Cultural Identity”

Hannah Meyers: “’48 Hours in …’: A Gaucho’s Guide to Studying and Traveling in Europe”

Global Perspectives Panel

Understanding Ourselves Through Storytelling

Sofia Mosqueda: “Of Earth and Sky”

Daian Martinez: “In the Middle”

Maya Salem: “Broken Hourglass: Myth-making in Civil War”

Reed Gaynor: “Pura Vida”

Understanding Ourselves through Stories Panel

The Ideologies of Identity

Robbin Balagtas:  “The Rhetoric of Belonging at UCSB”

Minyi Jiang: “The Influence of Chinese Maoism in Iran”

Phoebe Pineda: “The Embattled Feminine Gaze: A Study in Reylo Discourse”

Elaina Smolin: “Behind the Shades: A Close Look at the Blurred Lines Between Joan Didion’s Fiction and Nonfiction”

The Ideologies of Identity Panel


Luis Garcia (2022): Gaucho Survival Guide to Covid-19

Aurora Paget (2022): Lost in Translation: A look into Multilingualism’s Effect on Personality and Identity

Charlie Prindle (2022): The Eidolons

Luc Le (2022): The Kids Aren’t Alright: Depictions of Teenage Depression and Anxiety in Popular Fiction

Kaitlyn Soto (2022): Unsafe Passage: A Generational Story of Vietnamese “Boat People”

Kat Yuen (2022): The Ace-B-Cs: An Open Syllabus on Asexualities

CCCC (Undergraduate Research Poster Session)

Scarlett Adams (2024): Main Character Syndrome

Ileana Zuckerman (2024): An Interdisciplinary Approach: Writing Centers Turning Toward the Field of Art History to Explain Analytical Writing

Elaina Smolin (2023): The Limits of Creative Nonfiction: An Investigation of Genre Constraints in Collegiate Writing Classes

Leila Katibah (2023): Hyperreality in a Globalized and Digital World

Robbin May Balagtas (2023): The Rhetoric of Belonging at UCSB

Sydney Fry (2023): Minority Languages and the Survival of Cultural Identity

Kaitlyn Soto (2022): Unsafe Passage: A Generational Story of Vietnamese “Boat People”

Amelia Rodriguez (2021): “Becoming the Woe-Bringer: The Monstrousness of Heroism in Headley’s Beowulf and The Mere Wife”

Vivian Waldman-Randall (2021): Her Nature: Exploring Modes of Nature Writing through the Female Perspective

JHU Richard Macksey National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium

Kiyan Atrian (2022): A “Chosen” Ministry: Drag Performance and Queer Religious Trauma

Aurora Paget (2022): “Lost in Translation: A look into Multilingualism’s Effect on Personality and Identity”

Connor (Zishi) Ding (2022): “Scar Siblings”

Julia Barrera (2022): “Breaking Binaries: a Zine on Gender Non-Conforming Experience”

Kaitlyn Soto (2022): “Unsafe Passage: A Generational Story of Vietnamese ‘Boat People'”

Kat Yuen (2022): “‘DO YOU LIKE SEX?’: Exploring Queer Theory with the Personal as Asexual Creative”

Marie-Fleur Borac (2022): “The Orthoverse Unpack”

Sarah Hamm (2022): “Preventing and Healing Domestic Abuse: A Policy Investigation of Meditation in Public”


Amelia Rodriguez (2021): Screeving Queens: Polari, Performance, and Concealment

Katherine Swartz (2021): “Twenty Years Too Many: The Evolution of Practices and Purposes in the War in Afghanistan”

Lukas Aeschlimann (2021): “Larry-Made: The Life and Death of Larry Aeschlimann, and the Lessons Found Therein”

Nickita Gupta (2021): “Stories Untold: Immigrant Perspectives of the American Dream”

Rebecca Bogdanovic (2021): “The Lady Who Came With Me: An Investigation into the Americanized Rhetoric of Immigration”

Samantha Abajian (2021): “Curling Back to Your Roots: Profiles of Curly Hair Journeys”

Vivian Walman-Randall (2021): “An Ocean Apart: A Novel about Women on the Sea”


Melody Roth (2020): Mixed Emotions: “An Introspective Study on Modern Mixed-Race Liminality”

Hannah Mok (2020): “The Cupertino Bubble: Technological, Ethnic, and Societal Influences on Student Attitudes Toward Education”

URCA Digital Colloquium (UCSB)


Grace Wilken (2022): Days and Nights: An Anti Manic Pixie Dream Girl Film

Kenny Moody (2022): The Sound of Queerness In Tap Dance

Connor (Zishi) Ding (2022): Scar Siblings

Sarah Hamm (2022): Meditation in Public Schools for Preventing and Healing Domestic Abuse

Charlie Prindle (2022): The Grimm Manor


Jack Holbrook (2020): Screenplay Adaptation: Richard Brautigan’s A Confederate General from Big Sur

Hannah Mok (2020): The Cupertino Bubble: Technological, Ethnic, and Societal Influences on Student Attitudes Toward Education

Melody Roth (2020): Mixed Emotions: An Introspective Study on Modern Mixed-Race Liminality