student projects


Hannah Meyers: 48 Hours in…: A Gaucho’s Guide to Studying and Traveling in Europe (URCA Journal, Fall 2023)

Ash Phommasa: A Life Worth Living (URCA Journal, Fall 2023)

Viviana Bustamante: Fandom Lore: Finding Identity in Fiction (URCA Journal, Fall 2023)

Aurora Paget: Lost in Translation: A Look into Multilingualism’s Effect on Personality and Identity (URCA Journal, Fall 2022)

Luc Le: The “Good Story Problem”: How Traditional Storytelling Structures Muddle Thirteen Reasons Why’s Mental Health Message (URCA Journal, Fall 2022)


Charlie Prindle (2022): Prelude to The Eidolons (3rd place for Prose, Creativity Contest, HFA)


Fandom Lore: Finding Identity in Fiction by Viviana Bustamante (2023)

Unsafe Passage: A Generational Story of Vietnamese ‘Boat People’ by Kaitlyn Soto (2022)

The Ace-B-Cs: An Open Syllabus on Asexualities for Queer and Feminist Studies Curricula by Kat Yuen (2022)

The American Dream Project by Nickita Gupta (2021)

An Ocean Apart by Vivian Walman – Randall (2021)

Curling Back to Your Roots by Samantha Abajian (2021)

Fieldworker Stories Untold by Gabriela Andrade (2021)

Stories from the Southern Border by Lance Cortez (2021)

Autism in Higher Education by Jocelyn Lemus-Valle (2020)

Taking to the Trail by Andrew McMaster (2017)

Emotional Support Animals by Alex DeSanto (2017)

Spectrum Literary Journal  Steenalisa Tilcock and Corinne Guichard (2017), Kailyn Kausen and Belle Machado (2018), and Talia White (2019)


“48 Hours In …”: A Gaucho’s Guide to Studying and Traveling in Europe by Hannah Meyers (2023)

A Life Worth Living by Ash Phommasa (2023)

In the Middle by Daian Martinez (2023)

Breaking Binaries: A Zine on the Gender Non-conforming Experience by Julia Barrera (2022)

A “Chosen” Ministry: Drag Performance and Queer Religious Trauma by Kiyan Atrian (2022)

A Storied Mind: A Look inside Mental Health Treatment at UCSB & Beyond by Joshen Mantai (2022)

Stimulating Success by Maddie Bacon (2022)

Fieldworker Stories Untold by Gabriela Andrade (2021)

The Gray Area of Negative Sexual Experiences by Haley Nolan (2019)


The Orthoverse Unpack by Marie-Fleur Borac (abridged version; 2022)

Reading Again: How Text Dimensions Affect the Reader Experience by Nick Cerofeci (2022)

The Injustice in Justice: Discrimination Against Minority Women in the Legal Field by Chloe Le (2021)

The Lady Who Came With Me: An Exploration into the Gendered Rhetoric of Immigration by Rebecca Bogdanovic (2021)

Metamorphosis by Emily Nguyen (2020)

The Effects of Gun Violence Exposure on the Mental Health of Low-Income Students by Georgia Steinheimer (2020)

All Worked Up: Inside the Lives of Working College Students by Chelsea Brandwein and Erika Carlos (2017)


Frozen Sunflowers and Tangled Vines by Resh Grewal (2022)


Sterling Silver River by Kiana Perez Granados (2023)

Lemons, Cocoa & A Little More Spice by Kisakye A. Naiga (2020)

A New Place by Jaymes Johnson (2020)


Bittersweet (graphic novel) by Brea Spencer (2023)

Of Earth and Sky by Sofia Mosqueda (2023)

The Eidolons by Charlie Prindle (2022)

Scar Siblings by Connor (Zishi) Ding (2022)


Rap and Resistance by Abbey Irodistan (2020)

Golden State Writers by Grace Holtzclaw (2020)


A Confederate General from Big Sur Adapted Screenplay by Jack Holbrook (2020)


Days and Nights by Grace Wilken (2022)

Queer POC: The Experience by Jinx Martinez (2022)

“What Would You Say” by Delenn Jadzia and Preston Towers (2019)


trans_apparent_soles by Kenny Moody (2022)

Gaucho Survival Guide by Luis Garcia (2022)


Connected by Lindsey Gumaer (2021)

Suicidal Ideation by Ector Flores-Garcia (2020; 2019)


Learning at Lago Preto, by Quincy Lee (2017)