Amitha Bhat

Art-ificial Intelligence: Analyzing Perceptions of AI-Generated Literature and its Future Implications

Mentor: Dan Frank

What is it that makes literature artistic? Is it the way the prose moves along your throat, the picturesque frames projected onto the page, or the storyline that synchronizes your thoughts with someone else — just for a moment? Or, is it the person behind the work? The masterminds who engineer the narratives you covet — your Homers, Steinbecks, and Olivers who spend hours meticulously crafting the minutiae of their stories.And, what if they’re not a person at all?  Art-ificial Intelligence: Perceptions of AI-Generated Literature and its Future Implications aims to chronicle the current social and technological landscape of the intersection between AI and literature, academic attitudes toward AI-generated literature, and people’s perception of AI-generated literature (particularly when they are not aware of its origins). This will occur through an analysis of the current literature thus far, interviews with professors avidly studying the field, and a research study in which people interact with and assess the validity of AI-generated literature. I aim to discover the technical aspects of artificial intelligence (particularly in the realm of literature and writing studies), how academics feel about the rise of AI-usage, and how humanity interacts with art created by the machine.  Let’s see what’s in store for us.