Jinx Martinez

Queer POC: The Experience

Mentor: Kevin Rutherford

“Queer POC: The Experience” is a multimedia project investigating intersectionality in the queer community. The LGBTQ+ community has faced many challenges from those outside the community, but what about those within? POC queer folk have played a large part in the community, but they haven’t always been treated the best. As the community as a whole has grown more comfortable in the mainstream, many POC folk find themselves left behind by their non-POC counterparts. The continued expansion of the community has left many POC, including me, asking where we stand and how we will begin to move forward both in the mainstream and in our own communities. This lingering question inspired me to explore what it means to be both. In a series of three different videos, I explore the larger Queer POC experience through the lens of my personal struggles and journeys through my identity.

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