Joshen Mantai

A Storied Mind: A Look Inside Mental Health Treatment at UCSB and across Nationwide College Campuses

Mentor: Dan Frank

More than 45% of students who stopped attending college because of mental health reasons did not request accommodations. This alarming fact is a starting point for my project, which will explore mental health in college students and the impact of insufficient funding of mental health resources in universities. I intend to share student stories and couple them with case study research, amplifying student voices and raising awareness about the stigmatization of mental health on campus. “A Storied Mind” will consist of three parts: anonymous interviews about UCSB students’ experiences with C.A.P.S. (Counseling and Psychological Services), research on mental health treatment across nationwide universities, and brief notes about college stressors on mental health. Ultimately, I hope to produce a multimedia zine showcasing personal experiences, research, and mental health tips to create practical value for students. My zine intends to create a better understanding of the impact of university life on mental health and encourage better investment in the mental health resources available to college students.

Read Joshen’s zine, A Storied Mind: A Look Inside Mental Health Treatment at UCSB & Beyond

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