Luis Garcia

Gaucho Survival Guide to COVID-19

Mentor: Patrick McHugh

For my project, I want to represent a range of different yet shared experiences of COVID-19 among UCSB students since we have all found ourselves in an unusual and stressful learning situation. The goal of this project is to present a genuine snapshot of a community affected by turbulent times and highlight the students’ ability to manage and cope. By using oral histories and interviews, this community guide aims to offer various strategies on how to deal with the pandemic collectively rather than as individuals. Almost all UCSB students and faculty have had a period when they were adjusting to remote learning and navigating online courses, and this project would serve to weigh the pros and cons of this. I will conduct surveys and hand out a questionnaire on assorted topics related to COVID-19, such as the usage of masks or mandated protocols and restrictions. I would like to examine the possible contingencies that are associated with the ongoing hybrid instruction. Lastly, I want to delve into COVID-19’s substantial intrusion on social aspects of life, such as joining social clubs or dating, which have also been hindered during the pandemic. Ultimately, I want to let the community speak for themselves and highlight the Gaucho resilience during these challenging times.

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