Samantha Abajian

Curling Back to Your Roots: Profiles of Curly Hair Journeys

Mentor: Ellen Whittet

If you look closely, almost every twist of a curl holds a story of vulnerability and strength. To some, it may just be hair, but for others, it is a symbol of self-discovery and self-compassion. My series of profiles will feature both men and women and their relationship with their natural hair in a world that makes self-acceptance a revolutionary act. I aim to understand the different catalysts that drive people towards a state of vulnerability in allowing themselves to start fully embracing their hair. Through giving people another way to share their stories and opinions, I hope others will understand what a true accomplishment it is to find compassion and space for all parts of yourself in a society that maintains irrational beauty standards. I dedicate this project to everyone at every step of their journey and acknowledge the value that this process holds.

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