Sophie Girard


Mentor: Kevin Rutherford

“Mosaic” is an introspective and personal exploration of my biracial identity. Through a collection of short stories, poetry, photography, and illustrations, I intend to create a zine that pieces together my past experiences through my three different identities: Korean, French, and American. My project touches on topics such as racial imposter syndrome and cultural estrangement, as well as on varying experiences of biracialism in each specific culture. By contemplating how time and place shift, challenge, and reshape my identities, the zine ultimately unites them all within the same conversation. My project puts forth the idea that identity, like a mosaic, is made up of countless, often contrasting, elements that, when brought together, create something beautiful and whole. In a deeply layered piece, I celebrate embracing the complexities of one’s heritage and unique self.

Read an excerpt from Sophie’s memoir “Mosaic