Meiya Sidney


Mentor: Peter Huk

Moonlight is a collection of poetry and drawings born from meditation and the joy of witnessing the Santa Barbara landscape I call home. The poems encourage us to consider how noticing our environment transforms our view of the world and reveals how interconnected we are with all things—the small leaves under our feet, the early morning clouds, the hum of frogs singing in the creek bed. They reflect both my experiences struggling to be in the present moment and the freedom to be found through sitting, breathing, and moving through the world with an open heart. Our individual practice of being present grows into a compassion for all beings. As we heal ourselves, we awaken our capacity to help others and respond to the suffering in our world. A single breath, a few words written or a line drawn can be the beginning of feeling aliveness in the body and mind. It is a simple thing. Your experience of presence is a gift to us all, for the light you cultivate warms the whole world. 

Read an excerpt from Moonlight, Meiya’s collection of poetry and drawings