Meiya Sidney


Mentor: Peter Huk

i had just gotten my copy of being peace by thich nhat hanh when covid shut down santa barbara
in march 2020. my “new normal” was turbulence, uncertainty, and the isolation of new realities
like remote learning. in the anxious body of my 17 year old self, an unsettled existence and a
mind that often dipped into darker thoughts, the sanctuary of that first teaching of mindfulness
connected me to my breath. and through the breath, to the present moment. this growing
awareness guided me in processing a changing world, using mindfulness to understand my
anxieties about the future and a constantly shifting external landscape. mindfulness laid a
foundation of fertile soil, upon which the garden of these pages grows. in witnessing i have
become aware, and in awareness i have opened my heart to healing, allowing all parts of myself
to come home.

this collection opens the door to mindfulness and meditation through creative writing, ink
drawings, and community conversation. it addresses a widespread need for healing, being able
to be at home with ourselves, and be free from symptoms of disconnection such as anxiety,
depression, and hopelessness. absence of well-being is the cause of immense suffering on
personal, inter-relational, community, and global levels. covid, isolation, rising rates of mental
health issues, climate change, and world wars are all a manifestation of this collective suffering.
the moonlight project is rooted in this truth of inter-being, how taking care of ourselves is
essential to taking care of the world. by leading ongoing meditation and intuitive writing and
drawing events through ucsb mindfulness club, i am exploring how the honest presence of
creative arts can be the catalyst that creates curiosity and leads to personal transformation and
flourishing community. spaces of contemplation allow us to cultivate the awareness and
responsibility to address the global issues our generation faces. these pages invite you to read in
a restful way, pausing often to get in touch with your breath, heartbeat, and your own inner

with this collection, i warmly invite you to experiment and feel meditation in your own body. the
peace we cultivate is peace for the whole world. together, we can contribute to creating a global
community of well-being, making a safe, loving, and sustainable future possible.

personal transformation can happen in any and every moment of life. it is simple. it can begin
with a single breath.