Josephine Yi

The Song of Small Stories

Mentor: Dan Frank

“The Song of Small Stories” is an interactive multimedia website that explores the experiences of three generations of my family who immigrated from Korea to America before I was born. As a collection of short stories, poems, and songs, this website gathers the untold generational stories of my grandparents, my parents, and now, me. Under the theme of growing pains, I strive to understand and give voice to the experiences of several generations of my family, our childhoods, our lives, and our multifaceted hopes and dreams of America. With this project, I hope to encourage the value of discovering and telling generational stories that can strengthen family ties and create empathy for one another. Only when we peer into the windows of our personal stories can we enter into the sacred spaces of each other’s lives, and be a part of narratives far greater than ourselves. And only on these journeys can we know each other fully, and consequently, love fully.

See Josephine’s website “The Song of Small Stories