Jasmine Liang


Mentor: Kevin Rutherford

Elapse is a stylistic game design document (also known as a video game bible) which
provides a comprehensive overview of the world, characters, plot, mechanics, items, and maps of
an original game idea. Through assessing current representations of time-driven narratives in
video games, studying academic literature on game design and narrative, and interviewing
industry professionals, Elapse introduces innovative mechanics concerning time in such a way
that maximizes the medium of video games and its potential to endow shared authorship with its
players. Elapseā€™s purpose is to inspire reflection in players about their relationship with time and
its effects on their lives, with the overall thematic question of: how should we live when life is
fleeting? While my writing revolves around this question, my hope is never to find a straight
answer. Instead, I aim to uncover the human experience and inspire curiosity around the subconscious perceptions of time and interpersonal relationships.

Read the Preface to Jasmine’s game bible “Elapse