Isabel Montalvo

Social Media Perceptions from X to Z

Mentor: Katie Baillargeon

My project examines how age, specifically through three different generations, can shape our experiences and perceptions of social media. In particular, I plan to interview people born between the period of 1965 to 2009, which will be broken down into these three generations: Gen X (born 1965-1979), Gen Y (also known as ‘Millennials’) (born 1980-1994), and Gen Z (born 1995-2009). With the intent to conduct interviews about each person’s user habits and how they experience social media’s role in shaping their perceptions of themselves and their peers, my expectation of this comparative study is to shed light on how we can question the mediated perceptions of self and others and prod for ways to change or improve the social media experience. The project will subsequently look at the research and proposals from social media journals and journalists to peak at the history of those who have also inquired about social media and the user experience. I’m asking for people to take an introspective approach to social media, which may indicate common observations regardless of age or may present differences that could allude to further analysis.

Read Isabel’s paper “Social Media Perceptions for X to Z