Hannah Meyers

“48 Hours In…”: A Gaucho’s Guide to Studying and Traveling in Europe

Mentor: Ljiljana Coklin

My project is a travel writing piece about my semester abroad in the Netherlands. I’m creating a travel guide covering how I spent 48 hours in various cities throughout Europe. The travel guides are geared towards students, often weekend and budget travelers, who want to make the most of Europe on a budget and don’t know where to start. It also includes sections on general travel tips and life in the Netherlands. I quickly learned abroad that it isn’t travel if everything goes right, so I want to share my experiences to help others. 

I currently work in the study abroad office at UCSB and love helping students pick a program. I am there to discuss any academic and logistical issues, but the biggest part of studying abroad is the memories of travel, food, and people. This is my chance to share them with other students in a fun and relatable way. Living and traveling abroad means encountering a range of emotions and learning to “go with the flow,” or as Taylor Swift sings, it truly means being “happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time.”

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