Ash Phommasa

A Life Worth Living

Mentor: Kenny Smith

“A Life Worth Living” is a journalistic take on psychology, aiming to communicate science through creative language and graphics. As a guide for human growth, this zine addresses resiliency in the face of trauma— as well as healing and flourishing thereafter. Readers can utilize the interventions and interactive tool kits (i.e., mindfulness breathing, loving kindness meditation, gratitude journaling) to go beyond simply bandaging wounds. The zine is curated for people who have experienced a world made unlivable for them. It stands strong for those who have faced distressing events and have felt shattered beyond repair. And our message to you is: Even though some parts of us are lost forever, we can still become someone even greater. We can still cultivate a life that is worth living, having a radically different outlook and appreciation for life.

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