Jason Shevach

Rhyme and Reason

Mentor: Doug Bradley

What makes rhyming worthwhile? If you can write something without rhyming, why take the time to think through a rhyme to express it? Furthermore, what if the only way to demonstrate rhyming as worthwhile is through rhyming? In answering these questions, I plan to challenge modern conceptions of worthwhileness in which acts are considered worthwhile only as means toward fulfilling certain ends (that is, linearly: “I do my job in order to make money” or “I play tennis because it is good for my health”), and never as ends in themselves (that is, circularly: “I love you because… I love you”). I plan to explore the relationship between rhyme and reason in order to better understand the concept of worthwhileness by writing in both rhyme and reason. As a result, this project will take the shape of a creative zine in which I construct a dialogue between philosophical discussions of rhyme, reason, and worth, and offer more creative modes of expressing an interplay between the three concepts, such as poetry.

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Photo Credit: Clark Young (Unsplash.com)