Nickita Gupta

The American Dream Project

Mentor: Nomi Morris

Inspired by my own family’s immigration story, “The American Dream Project” is a look into the immigration journeys and lives of immigrants from communities all over California. This interactive website containing profiles on each of our interviewees explores how emotional, financial, and cultural hardships and successes have shaped the modern-day American immigrant’s view of the ‘American Dream’. What once was a popular motivation for immigrating to America, claiming a land of increased opportunity to rise up the social ladder, is now a source of disillusionment and disappointment for many. This investigation ultimately serves to understand how realistic the American Dream has been for various immigrant communities and whether there is a need to reform its meaning. Is it time for a revision that reflects today’s sociopolitical climate? I’m excited to gauge the “pulse of the nation” and formulate corresponding insights to better understand the sentiments of today.

See Nickita’s website: The American Dream Project