Gabriela Andrade

Fieldworker Stories Untold

Mentor: Alison Williams

Fieldworker Stories Untold provides a closer look at the personal struggles and disadvantages of many families living in California’s Central Valley. This project aims at investigating fieldworkers’ oral histories to offer a better insight into the economic hardships, educational barriers, and limited resources that these immigrants face. The guiding question to my research is: What is the story of a fieldworker living in the Central Valley? Such an investigation entails interviewing and sharing personal family histories. With this project, I aim to share the narrative of my community and show how limited resources and opportunities have shaped the lives and journeys of the people I know. Fieldworker Stories Untold will consist of a chapbook collection of stories and a website that will include progress updates, historical artifacts, and audio and video material.

See Gabriela’s website and a digital zine