Jagger Rizol

Sustainable Practices in the Clothing Industry

Mentor: Auli Ek

Proposed Project

My research consists of analysis of the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. I will be researching and interviewing industry leaders within the fashion industry to better understand their corporate policies regarding waste and pollution throughout the lifespan of an article of clothing. I will be putting an emphasis on the recycling programs companies have put in place to extend the life of their clothing. The purpose of this project is to dig into the clothing industry and better understand how much clothing is wasted and to understand what steps companies are taking to reduce their waste. I intend on researching leaders in sustainable fashion like Patagonia as well as companies who are starting to enact environmental policies within their company such as H&M.

Final Project

This year for my RAAB project I decided to research the clothing industry and in particularresearch the waste that is coming out of the industry. In this podcast you will hear what kind ofresources go into clothing, the companies who are lagging behind in sustainability and somecompanies that are overachieving. You will also find advice on what to do with those extraclothes that are hidden away in the bottom of your dresser.

Here’s the link to my podcast.