Hannah Jackson

Exploring Narratives of Women’s Health Care on College Campuses

Mentor: Nomi Morris

Project Description

This project focuses on the stigmatization faced by people who seek out reproductive health and menstrual hygiene services. Students who seek out these resources are subject to shame, disbelief and financial extortion for simply trying to take measures of basic care into their own hands. This care, which is often non-optional, impacts students both financially and emotionally. Students are subjected to inflated prices of feminine hygiene products as well as denial of healthcare and even slut-shaming carried out by Student Health employees. This research will yield a series of three articles: the first will focus on the inflated prices of gendered products in relation to gender-neutral products, or those used primarily by men; the second will look into university gynecological healthcare policies; the third will explore narratives of slut-shaming by University of California doctors, and the traumatic effect the experience has on students.

Visit the website I made for this project.