Scarlett Lacroix

The Rhetoric of the NRA

Mentor: Nicole Warwick

My project, The Rhetoric of the NRA, has two components. The first is an academic research paper that examines the following research question: how do pro-gun groups maintain gun culture and prevent legislation aimed to reduce access to guns? For this paper, I will look at the main rhetorical narratives surrounding guns in this country and how those narratives are presented. The second component of my project is a podcast targeted towards a more mainstream audience. The podcast will focus on educating listeners about the gun culture of America, and examining strategies to create change so we can reduce gun violence. The podcast will use knowledge I gain from my research paper, but it will be presented in a way that is more accessible and less academic. It will be a multi-episode series, with some episodes being more narrative and others being driven by conversations or interviews. I hope the two components of my project will combine to raise awareness about the gun debate in America and motivate people to make changes in gun legislation.

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