Michelle Politiski

Spectrum Literary Magazine

Mentor: Kara Mae Brown

Spectrum Literary Magazine is entering its 62nd edition this year, the third since it was rebooted along with the Writing and Literature Program. This year, in addition to producing the new volume of the journal, we are laying the groundwork for future staff and contributors to the journal and regaining the legacy that Spectrum once had. Talia White has already redesigned our website, and Professor Kara Mae Brown helped us streamline the review and publishing process. Our project this year involves securing enough funding for the journal to ensure it will flourish in the coming years and expanding our outreach and advertising campaigns to sell more copies. We are partnering with GauchoBoost to conduct a crowdfunding campaign that will provide the money and are planning to organize promotional events in the larger Santa Barbara area as well as advertising on campus and online in order to increase our outreach and recognition. Through these efforts, we hope future editors of Spectrum will inherit the enthusiasm we have for this project and gain independence as a student-run literary magazine

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