Charlie Prindle

The Eidolons

Mentor: Christian Thomas

The Eidolons is the first in a planned trilogy of young adult science fiction novels. Eidolons are beings adapted from Greek mythology that can influence and corrupt humans through their emotions. Most humans are destroyed by corruption, but there are a few who survive and gain supernatural abilities, but at a cost. The story follows hosts Henry and Penny on their journeys to discover the secrets of the Eidolons within the ECF, Eidolon Containment Facility, an organization designed to monitor, research, and keep eidolon activity secret in the modern world. On their journeys, the main characters will be forced to grow as they confront a number of challenges, such as learning to live with emotional trauma, choosing between duty to self or others, and navigating the ethically grey hierarchical structures of interdependent sentient life. My influences include the works of Brandon Sanderson, Orson Scott Card, Christopher Paolini, and Stephen King. I intend to complete a draft of the first book by the end of my time in the Raab Writing Fellowship Program.

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