Lukas Aeschlimann


Mentor: Ljiljana Coklin

My project is a collection of short stories and personal essays written about my father, his life, his death, and the way his death impacted me and others. I take some inspiration from The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, in that the stories and essays will not necessarily be presented in chronological order, but in a reading order I deem most appropriate after most of the individual pieces have been written. My collection of memories, both my own memories and others’, will touch on themes of loss, love, family, faith, masculinity, disease, grief, and the meaning of life. You know. Just all that (hooooo boy…). Of course, while touching on such lofty thematic concerns would be nice, my true goal is ultimately to preserve the memory of an extraordinary person who meant a lot to me and everyone he met, and to hopefully inspire others to do their own writing to preserve the memories of their own loved ones.

Read Lukas’ essay “10/22/014”

Reflection and a Reading from “10/22/2014”: