webhosting & website building

  • Reclaim Hosting: $30 per year for hosting + domain registration; you can create a site via HTML/CSS (from scratch or using a template), or you can install WordPress and create a site
  • here: it's entirely possible for us to create a folder at this website,, where you could post your work, whether as a WordPress website, and HTML/CSS template, a video, or another format. The URL would be
  • Wix: you can get a free site with a subdomain ( and Wix ads included; for $11 per month, you get your own domain, no ads, and 3GB of storage
  • Weebly: same as Wix, a free site with a subdomain and ads; for $12 a month, a free domain, no ads, unlimited storage
  • Squarespace: a free 14-day trial; after that, it’s $12 a month with free domain, no ads, unlimited storage

tools/platforms for multimedia projects

Knightlab: a suite of open source tools for digital storytelling; initially developed for journalists and media makers, but easy to use and engaging for novice users

  • Juxtapose: compare two images
  • Timeline JS: present a story that occurs over time
    • great for an interactive resume
  • Storymap: present a story in a specific location
  • Soundcite: add soundclips to text
    • works best with WordPress; in other words, create the soundclips in Soundcite and attach them to text that you publish with WordPress
  • Storyline: attach annotations to a basic line chart to tell the story behind the numbers (still in beta but works fine)
    • here’s my example with numbers from the Professional Writing Minor

Storymaps: free, powered by ArcGIS (which is also free), with templates for map-based tours, points of interest, in-depth narratives, presenting multiple maps, and more; lots of tutorials and help

  • go to the Apps page and click on the galleries to see the kinds of websites you can build; they don't necessarily have to have maps

Screencast-o-matic: very easy to create screencasts, videos of your screen activity with accompanying audio (typically your narrative--and you can include a webcam video of you, too); great for creating tutorials or explaining websites, images, or other things on your computer screen. a very easy set of tools and resources to analyze and visualize data of various types, including word clouds, document comparisons, and network visualizations.

super useful materials

  • the best collection of high-quality, free, copyright friendly photos on the Web
  • GraphicBurger: lots of free design resources, including icons, vector graphics, and templates
  • Freesound: all kinds of music as well as ambient sounds