Diana Raab and UCSB campus


All Worked Up, by Chelsea Brandwein & Erika Carlos (2017)
This fabulous website (designed and coded by Erika) presents interviews with students about their working life during college; lots of resources about student labor; and background about the project.

Taking to the Trail, by Andrew McMaster (2017)
Andrew created this website to publish his audio project, A Journey Through the Southwest, along with profiles of several UCSB students discussing their circuitous and idiosyncratic paths through higher education.

Emotional Support Animals, by Alex DeSanto

Spectrum Literary Journal,  Steenalisa Tilcock and Corinne Guichard

Online publications

Learning at Lago Preto, by Quincy Lee (2017)

"As I finish my research, and my degree, I am stuck wondering the extent to which thinking about the rainforest negatively — focusing on our projections for its future demise — limits our ability to learn from the practices of the people who live there attempting to preserve it today."

Quincy's research was supported by the Raab Writing Fellows program, and his article was published in the online magazine Souciant.