Melody Roth

Mixed Emotions is a personal exposé on the mixed-race experience. Inspired by Maxine Hong Kingston, it aims to produce a generational and cultural anthology of female familial narratives and insights on multicultural identity. At the intersection of this cross-cultural paradigm is an examination on the conditions of liminality. Some guiding questions include: What does it mean to be mixed-race? Where do I belong? Ultimately, this project intends to create a literary and multi-media portrait of a mixed voice that I believe is oft under-discussed in conversations of intersectionality. Mixed Emotions is an investigation into the multifaceted continuities and gaps that exist within a female mixed-race experience. Such an investigation entails historical research of incidence, my own musings, and familial oral history. I hope this project will add to the mixed-race representation I seek in literature and research. Mixed Emotions is a multimedia exhibit with audio and visual components accompanying a literary centerpiece.