Kisakye Naiga

My project is a coming-of-age, comedy-drama musical about the journey of four strong, independent young women, who reflect some of my closest friends here at UCSB. Each student identifies within the African diaspora, thus primarily, the musical will share their voices, stories and how they navigate school, family, and life while attending a predominantly white institution. From heartbreak socially and romantically, to almost starting a university-wide revolution, these women are forces to be reckoned with. To tell the stories of these four young women (Mukisa, Arraweelo, Ajani, and Angela) is to help bring some of the many voices within the African-Diaspora to come to light. Our society continuously assumes Black people are the same; therefore, as soon as our skin is seen we are categorized and marginalized. However, there is not one type of "Black". This musical will highlight various social issues in regards to the African Diaspora community which include but are not limited to identity, colorism, racism, sexuality, and romance.