Jaymes Johnson

A Confluence is a novella based on real life events. During the winter of 2008, California middle school student Lawrence “Larry” King was murdered by a classmate. Larry King was a fifteen year old child in the foster care system who happened to be working through his own LGBTQ identity. After expressing affection toward his male classmate days before Valentine’s day, Larry was shot and killed by that student during English class. In the aftermath of the murder investigation, competing narratives arose around the truth of the incident and the characters of these two young people— chiefly, whether Larry had provoked his own murder. Informed by the fictional imaginations of Jennifer duBois (Cartwheel), Ann Patchett (State of Wonder), and Toni Morrison (Beloved), A Confluence offers a fictional exploration into our innate ideas of perception: how they are created for others and ourselves, and how so many of these mental constructions are built upon foundations of fear and trauma perpetuated by the media.