Ector Flores-Garcia

I aim to develop an interactive, fictional mental health game that would attempt to raise hope for young adults with suicidal impulses, especially in minority groups, where the issue is highly stigmatized and rarely discussed. While this topic continues to be difficult to discuss, presenting it through a creative lens could be effective in providing comfort to those who deal with suicidal ideation. Even more, it could develop social connections and support networks for people interested in helping someone close to them with suicidal thoughts. I will incorporate evidence-based design principles to properly represent the situations that create suicidal ideation in teens and young adults. This digital game will be a mental health game that has the power not only to engage but to change behavior. This game will not act as a replacement for therapy or treatment from licensed professionals, but as a supplement to these interventions. I hope it creates a deeper understanding of how challenging it is to live with suicidal ideation and hope it innovates and promotes change towards the needs of students and young adults.