Abbey Irodistan

Pop culture surrounds our everyday lives, whether or not we want it to, and it permeates our lives digitally and physically. So, how do we process all this information that is constantly being thrown at us? With the increasing prevalence of fake news and fabricated stories, it is incredibly important that we are equipped with the critical tools that can help us filter out the junk mail of pop culture. The goal of the Chatty Abbey podcast is to increase media literacy for young adults in order to better understand this digital age we are living in. By plugging in large, complex sociological topics into everyday pop culture, listeners can better conceptualize these ideas and further apply them into their everyday life. This podcast will consist of six relevant topics and feature both professional and non-professional co-hosts. The episode topics will be: Rap & Resistance, Body Image & Social Media, Fetishizing Capital and Celebrities, Identity Formation & Film, Workers' Rights & Video Games, and Women, Comedy and Sexism. The episodes will be hosted on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and my own website.